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Lessons and how-tos on working with the various types of Text Elements in dominKnow | ONE.

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Steps to add a Paragraph Element to a Page.

The name of this feature can be confusing, as it suggests a Body Type element. Although it is added as a Body Type, you can change that to any other Type.

A Paragraph element is different from other text elements because Paragraph elements have a unique set of special effects that can be applied.

Because of those effects, the formatting options are more limited for a Paragraph element than a regular Text Element.

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Steps to add a Glossary definition to a word.

Learners will see the word underlined. When they roll over the word, a shortened version of the definition will be shown.

If they click the word, a full definition will be shown in a Pop Up panel above the page.

For courses, the term will also be added to the course's Glossary list available on the Menu of the Course Player.

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As you create a Project, you’re adding in all kinds of information like the Project’s name, the names of Pages it contains, or what the passing score is for a test.

A lot of that information is available as a System Variable that you can display in a text element.

This example shows how to set a text element to display the System Variable for the name of the Project.

These same steps apply to any of the other available System Variables.

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