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Steps to add an Audio Narration file to a Page.

This automatically sets the audio file as Narration, in Autoplay mode and with Full Controls.

For Claro projects, it also switches the Timeline below the Stage to synchronize to the audio narration file rather than the default page timing.

You can have mulitple audio files on a Page but only one can be set as Narration.

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This is a great resource for quality custom created music for your videos, presentations, and other digital content products. NOTE: Please read the copyright instructions. Royalty-free does not always mean FREE. This guy is trying to make a living. So help him out.

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This article was shared by John Kissinger who was is a VO Actor and a guest on a recent episode of IDIODC. Reading this article will help you understand that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a mic to get good quality audio for your elearning. There are other factors that are more important.

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