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    00:00  To insert an Oversized High Res Image, Select Insert.
    00:06  Under Media Select Image.
    00:12  The Media Browser will open. Select Media Library.
    00:18  Select Upload High Res under the Media Library, and locate/upload your image. We will upload an image of 2020x600 for this lesson.
    00:24  Select Insert.
    00:30  The image will be set to fit the page when added. To adjust the size back to the actual size of the image. Resize the image to 2020x600 so half of the image is off the page. In the Select Control Bar select the W (width) input and we'll resize the image width to 2020px.
    00:36  *Note with the checkmark selected the Height of the image was automatically adjusted. In the Select Control Bar select the Snap To icon to adjust the position of the image.
    00:42  Move the image to the top left corner of the page. Select the Top Left Arrow within the Snap To options.
    00:48  The high res image is added, and resized so it extends past the page.