How do I configure an LRS Endpoint for Claro in SCORM Cloud?

An LRS is a repository of learning records which are used for Tin Can.  


To setup a LRS target within Claro:

  1. Log into SCORM Cloud.
  2. Go to the LRS section.
  3. From the Activity Providers area, select Add Activity Provider.
  4. Click the Edit button next to Unnamed Account.
  5. Give the account a meaningful name that you can easily remember.
  6. In the browser, open a new tab or window and log into Claro.
    Note: Don't close SCORM Cloud LRS page, you'll need that page open
  7. From the Application Menu Select Publish.
  8. Select Targets and click the New Target button.
  9. Fill out the Name area.
  10. For Type select LRS.
  11. For URL, copy the Claro endpoint from the SCORM Cloud LRS page (previously opened tab) from the LRS Endpoints section.
  12. Paste the endpoint into the URL area in Claro.
  13. Copy the Key within SCORM Cloud and paste it into Claro's User ID field.
  14. Copy the Secret within SCORM Cloud and paste it into Claro's Password field.
  15. Click Create.
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