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Chrome vs. IE

We are trying to publish a course and notice that the videos only work in Chrome - not IE, but then when we want to print a page, we only have the option to do so in IE, but not in Chrome. We need both features to work for us. Are there settings we are missing that will allow us to have these features both work in the same browser for our learners?

Karina Neal

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Hi Karina,

Videos work and play in both browsers and you can print with both as well.  This sounds like an issue that you should report to support so they can be of direct assistance.  Make sure you include your browser versions, what the site and course name is as well as the exact steps needed to reproduce your problem.  

FYI: For IE you may need the Flash plugin to play the video - also for print you may want to make sure you add a poster image to the video for better print as well.  User print page is dependent on the end users browser as well. If you have Claro Workgroup - you can also create a printed version of the document.

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