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Same-Origin Policy: Embeded Web Page Not Showing Up

One of the policies many websites have implemented is a "same-origin" check which can affect the ability to embed a web page in a course page. 

The symptoms of this issue are that when you select Embed → From URL and add in the link, when you preview the link in the right fly-out or save it and preview the page you do not see the webpage you embedded.  

If this happens, the first thing to check is that the protocol used for the website is https://  so it will match the protocol used by your LMS and the dominKnow Platform.  (If either of these use http:// then you should match that in your URL.)  

If that doesn't work then you need to contact the IT group responsible for that website and request they adjust their "same-origin" settings. Obviously, if this isn't part of your corporate network, they aren't likely to make that change.

If that can't be changed by the website owner and you still need this resource in your course, instead of embedding the webpage you will need to make a link to the URL and set this link to open in a new window.

For the technical details on this see:

Paul Schneider

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