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Variables - A quick overview on our YouTube channel

In our Autumn 2015 feature release we added a a framework for using and adding variables to your pages. 

The variables framework really opens up a huge range of possibilities for authoring:

  • Want to create and track a score as your learner works through a scenario? Use a variable!  
  • Want to make sure a learner selects all buttons on a page before opening the Next button? Use a variable!
  • Want your learner to type in text on one page and on a later page show them what they typed? Use a variable!


The variables framework basically gives you programming-like control over pages without having to learn any code.

We have two types of variables available, Custom Variables and System Variables.

Custom Variables let you capture and store any data you can think of. This could be a number or a text string. You would use Custom variables for the sorts of examples I've described above.

System Variables let you use information that the system knows about your course on any page. So, instead of typing in the title of the page you can use a System Variable to display the Page Title from the menu. Or use a System Variable to display the content from the course's Copyright metadata field in a text element on the bottom of a page.

To help you get started using our variables framework, check out this video in our YouTube channel.

It's a recording of the features release webinar I hosted to explain the variables framework and show some examples in action. It's a little under 20 minutes long, and it will give you a good overview to get you started.

Do you have any ideas on how to use variables in a course, or any questions about variables? Let me know in the comments!





Chris Van Wingerden

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Hej Chris, just wanted to mention the YouTube intro was good and got me started. I like the interface and have been exploring using them to a fairly basic extent. Is there a reason why they are only attached to page timing under Animation and not actions under Interaction tab?

Sam Thomas 0 votes

Hi Sam -

Thanks, I'm glad the video was helpful. The variables have so much potential, so really the only limiting factor is what an author's imagination can dream up for using them.

I'm not sure I follow your question about the Page> Animation vs. Interaction > Actions buttons, though, as "Set Variable" is an option in both spots.


Can you give me a little more detail around your question?


Chris Van Wingerden 0 votes

Hi Chris, quick response!  It is not the setting but applying of variables to utilize "when variable is" it is required to go via page timing. My instinct first was to look for it under actions.

Sam Thomas 0 votes