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Hi Guys,
I am making a course on Claro, and my plan is to put all the course contents on the main page as a menu organized on block sections, and then when the user clicks on the first part, will be sent to another page where he can watch a training video, then come back, click on the second.... etc.
I am using rows to write the topic for each part, and the user will click on those to go to the video pages.
So I am trying to put all the part´s rows together by using the "Apply Margins" functi...

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Hi guys,
I am creating a solution for our students to get a space to write and reflect on what they have learnt. Not that anyone will check it, it is just to allow this reflection.
But I can see only the Exercise part where you get a summit buttom. Is there any other wat that you know about on how to get this kind of result? Can I delete / dissable somehow the Summnit buttom?
Thank you guys

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