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Good morning!
I've already created an action for the player controls to have the "next" button accessible only once the page content has been viewed, but I have an additional "next" button at the bottom of my Flow page. How do I also make this only accessible once the learner has viewed all of the page content (including flip cards, tabs, etc.)?
Thank you!

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I would like to change the background colour of the default header that shows when I preview the full project. How do I do that? I can see where I can create one, but I just want to change the colour.

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Good morning!
I am having trouble modifying any "link to URL" actions (navigation and branching). They seem to disappear when I go in to view them under the "actions" tab in the sidebar. I'm also finding that the link that I indicate in the action settings doesn't work all of the time. I would prefer the links to be "modal" but they don't always work this way, and I have to get it to open in a new window (which isn't ideal for my purposes).
Any suggestions are appreciated!
Thank you,

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