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I currently have a project that was developed in Claro that includes quite a few target pages to incorporate branching. The customer wants to eliminate any type of branching or extraneous clicking and has asked that I make the project linear. Is there a way for me to convert the target pages to main pages? Or do I need to redo every page from scratch? When I click on new page from existing project the only options I get are "Structure" and "Master". 

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I'm currently building an activity that uses target pages for a number of multiple choice questions. I would like to disable the "close" button in the top right corner so that learners must answer the question rather than exiting the window. The Music Pro (Jeopardy Style Game) is very similar and it looks like those target pages have the close button disabled. I've looked through all of the settings and can't seem to find an option to disable this. Is this something that needs to be disabled ...

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I am in the process of creating a course that is immersive by incorporating 360 media, predominantly 360 photos. Does DominKnow support 360 media assets that allow the student to interact and explore within the player? If not, is there an HTML player that can be used to support this?

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