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I have my course set to play sequentially, and I have my exam questions listed within the LO that the questions relate to. When I preview or publish the course, the exam questions are not always presented in the order as they are listed within the course. 

For example:

- Module 1

  - LO 1.1

    - Test Question 1

    - Test Question 2

  - LO 1.2

    - Test Question 3

    - Test Question 4

    - Test Question 5


When I take the exam, sometimes the questions ar...

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When non-scored questions are utilized within a DominKnow course, does it report the user's participation in answering these questions back to the LRS or LMS? If it does report, does it report the answer the user provided, or just that they answered the question? Is this a setting somewhere within the publishing profile?


Thank you!

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Hi, I have a form on the first page of my course to capture learner data (name, email etc). I'd like the "Submit" button on the page to send the data as an XAPI statement to my LRS so I can record that the user has accessed the course. I would also love for the variables (First Name, Last Name) to replace the userID sent for the remainder of the interactions for the course. Is this possible, and if so, what are the parameters I need to set in the "send xAPI statement" element interaction for ...

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