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I have an assessment that I created in another platform that I want to embed in dominKNow instead of re-creating the entire assessment. I know that I can link to it, but I want the learner to engage with my dominKnow content and take the assessment from another platform on the same page in dominKnow.  Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?

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I would like to use the interactive video template in Flow, is there a tutorial on how to use the Question buttons?  I would like the learner to engage with the questions when I set the video to pause for each question.

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Can I view the end of lesson test questions when I create a Flow, vertical scroll project?  When I click preview entire project, I don't see the scored questions that I have added during the Preview, Full Project.

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I have create several projects while training and I would like to delete them. How do I delete a project in dominKnow?

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