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Steps to add an Audio Narration file to a Page in a Claro Project. (The Timeline option for audio narration is not supported in Flow pages.)

This automatically sets the audio file as Narration, in Autoplay mode and with Full Controls.

It also switches the Timeline below the Stage to synchronize to the audio narration file rather than the default of timing to the loading of the Page.

You can have multiple audio files on a Page but only one can be set as Narration.

NOTE: In Claro Projects,...

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You can show that a Tile element has been selected by the learner by changing the icon displayed on the Tile.

This is helpful if you want to use the Tile as part of a menu page, for example.

There are two steps to this.

First, you tie the Tile to a variable to track that the Tile has been selected by the learner.

Second you select the icon you wish to display on the Tile when the variable is changed (as a result of the learner selecting the Tile).

NOTE: To use Tiles as “buttons’ on a me...

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A Baseline is a great way to speed up the development of new projects, especially if you have many projects that all share a standard structure.

For example, all your eLearning courses will have an Introduction with the same three pages, and each lesson has essentially the same structure, etc.

A Baseline is a project that your authors can quickly duplicate to start a new project, and they're available on the Create New Project panel.

You can set any project to be a Baseline. That could be ...

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