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Steps to create a new Claro course using the Quickstart options.

Quickstart courses are automatically set to use the Nova theme player.

You can choose from any of the available design options.

The QuickStart will automatically create a Title page to get you started.

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When you add a video to a page you can easily add a text transcript as well as a Closed Captioning file.

Sometimes, though, you might want to provide a more structured approach to a transcript to allow learners to control the video playback by jumping to sections.

Here are four samples we've put together to show different ways you can do that, including the basic steps we used to create them.

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You can use a button to set a Boolean variable to True or False. In this example, we're setting the Variable to True to track that the learner competed the Page by using the Return To Menu button. We can then evaluate the Variable's state on other pages and use it to trigger other events.

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