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Hi Everyone,
I've built a page, including interactions, tested it in Preview, and then realized I wanted to break a section or row into 2 separate sections or rows for design reasons. This happens from time to time, and I usually re-build that portion of the page or ceate a new row, copy and paste to move the content there, then delete it from the former row. That can become a huge time suck, and the interactins can get a little dicey as well. I'm wondering if there's a better or easier way t...

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When I upload a screenshot and insert it into a project, it always ends up very blurry. I don't see this happening at all with any other image files I upload. Screenshots appear sharp and clear when their image files are opened on my computer, they just look blurry in dominKnow for some reason. This doesn't happen with other images, only screenshots. Does anyone have tips for getting sharp and clear screenshots in dominKnow?

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