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Same as this:
no option to force an edit, and I cannot find instructions on how to unlock the page or the project (if that's what is happening). Also, no avatar/badge showing who has the page locked
Help? TIA

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Hi there ...I  am not able to locate the "Export All Project Comments" feature on the Review panel.
I am an admin user on v7. I would like to export all comments for QA archiving.
Please help. Thanks.

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referencing this issue ... any resolution? We would also like to show students status of all options in a MC question. At this time, we're not even getting the shading, which is a minimum requirement ... but clearer indication of which options are correct and which are incorrect for both MCMA and MCSA would be very helpful.
Can you point to clear documentation to achieve this result?

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Hi there ... trying to swap images on a page inside tabset and cannot see a target for another image. Checked here:


and it looks like the accordion is not opening to show me the secrets. Hep?

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Seems like it should be quite simple but when the menu for "show" displays, the elements are rows and rich text. The icons I put on the graphic are not visible to select as trigger targets. Is there another method? (Markers do not work in my classroom environment.)

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Hi there ...

I see that when I create a glossary term, I can choose to add it to the site's Global Glossary and/or if the project is part of a Collection (or more than one Collection) I can add it to the Collection glossaries. What if I don't select either option? Is the term added to a global or just local to the lesson?


How do I remove terms (for example, misspelled ones) from the list (or containing glossary)?


Do you have a topic written for best practices? I'm anticipa...

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Hi there ... I've had to rebuild a page several times now, and I'm wondering if I'm going about things the wrong way. It's a flow, with a title, a line of text, a graphic with 17 markers that each have a text block and two triggers, and a line of text at the end.

I can't seem to uniquely identify each marker for triggers, so there's a fair bit of trial and error ... and now I'm having to change the trigger action from right-click to double-click, and the whole page imploded. The graphic a...

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​​​​​​I am working with draft content and want to re-arrange the layout, moving complete sections that contain one graphic with many markers each to an accordion engagement on one page. Is it possible to grab everything in a section and move it, or do I have to recreate all the markers from scratch? Thanks.

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Where can I learn more about the object structure when using LOs? I am trying to create some baseline content ... can I have an LO at the project level? Or does the project need to be a course, have a module, and then an LO for me to move LO content to a new project (at the course level)? 
Can I commit content per LO, or must it be per-page? What do the icons mean, such as Pr? Or is that determined by my local system administrator?
I copied a graphic into a page. I thought it would magically ...

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