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We have created a course with two modules. When the learner clicks the button to jump to the second branch, the system adds checkmarks to the pages in the other learning object to indicate the learner doesn't need to review it. However, when the learner clicks the button to jump to the first branch, the system doesn't do this. I'm assuming the Story View theme is set up to only add checkmarks to content prior to the location of the Jump To.
If this is the case, how do we hide the content in t...

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When taking the course assessment, I'm given some questions from each learning object but two of the learning objects show a score of N/A despite answering questions and receiving a score. What does this mean?

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We are trying to analyze how many of our assets are being reused. We can click on an individual item and see usage but we'd like to see a report or be able to download all the asset data from the media library so we can assess the usage data. Is this currently possible in dominKnow One?

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