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How do I set up an assessment question to use the colored feedback options from the theme? I want the correct choices to have the green outline/checkmark and the incorrect choices to have the red outline/X, but not reveal the correct answer because we allow multiple attempts on our assessments. Currently, the only feedback I can get it text based feedback. Nothing I change on a Test question allows the theme colors to work properly.

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How do I swap/toggle buttons in Flow when changing the state of a Capture sim? I'm wanting my buttons/content to do the same thing it does in the Authoring in DominKnow guide.

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When I play a full course preview, it jumps down 3 modules to one I've lableled main menu (because there is other content they need to complete first) versus starting at the beginning of the course where it should. I have cleared cache, closed the browser, relaunched dominKnow, and it still performs the same. Any idea why it's doing this?

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Is there a way to bypass the pre-test based on an assigned variable (either custom or system) when I learner indicates that they are a new hire employee and force them through all of the content? If the pre-test cannot be bypassed, is there a way to make their score null/void so they are forced through the content based on the variable that says they are a new hire?

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How do I set up an action to evaluate a variable to perform a certain task if the variable is equal to 1 or True (depending on what type of variable I'm using), but have it perform a different action if the variable is not equal to 1 or True (let's say 0 or 2 or False)? I'm not seeing wher I can enter the "else" part of the action. Do I need to enter it as a separate action? If so, does dominKnow read actions in the order they are stacked?

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We are trying to add a background (default and otherwise) to our theme. The image we're adding is sized appropriately for the 1010x600 screen. When we apply the background to a project, it stretches it outside the bounds of the default size of the screen (like 1550+ wide). Any ideas on this? Do we need to modify our image somehow?

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