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Some Themes have the capability to view the Resources (including both documents and links) which is nice because the system automatically compiles them.
Is there a way to find out what page the link is coming from though? Perhaps via a report or something else that I'm missing?
This would be useful if someone reports a broken link found within the resources menu, but we dont know what slide that link is on. It would also help us find links that we possibly forgot to add a title to (and theref...

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I would like my heading (H1) to be a different color than the normal text on the page, but still auto-change based on the background. 
In the Theme Designer, I can go under Colors -> Page and modify the foreground, but this changes both the heading text and the body text. 
I have also tried adding css (example css below) to change the color of H1. This works, but it is stuck this color. In other words it doesn't change based on the background anymore and also I can't choose another option und...

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Is there a way to add the list of Resources into the Story View Theme's menu similar to the other Themes. When editing the theme player, I do not see it as an option.

If not, is there a way to add a link to the Resources to show the auto-generated list of resources?

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As I'm working on a Capture, I noticed that the mouse always appears at the previous location on the screen (for each step).
For example Let's say step 1 is in the middle of the screen and step 2 is at the top-left.
When viewing in "Show Me" on step 2, the outlined hotspot will be at the top-left as expected, but the cursor still shows in the center of the screen (from step 1). The problem is that when using the zoom, it seems to zoom towards the cursor rather than the mouse click/hotspot loc...

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