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Let's say I have a toggle that sends an xAPI statement when clicked. How do I prevent another xAPI statement from being sent if the learner changes the toggle? Technically, they could toggle back and forth sending a statement each time and my LRS admin would kill me--he would have to weed through the incorrect ones.  

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How would you suggest doing a forced ranking of 5 items? I thought to use the number input boxes but not sure how to ensure that 1 unique number gets put in each box--instead of all 1's etc. We also need to track these rank/numbers per item via xAPI.

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On page load, I show a grey (intactive) next button and I hide the active blue next button. When page activities are complete, the grey next button will be hidden and the active blue next button will show. The problem I am running into is after the learner completes this page, goes on to the next page, decides to go back to the page--both grey and blue buttons are showing. What I want to happen is this:


Going forward for the first page visit, the grey button shows/active button hides...

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Hi, I have a set of toggle/check boxes on page 1 that I have to show a value for the ones selected on page 2. I have a trigger that sets a string variable value when the toggle boolean variable is true. The user also has the option to back to page 1 (from page 2) and change their choice but I can't seem to figure out how to update the string variable values when they uncheck the toggle making the boolean variable value false. I do not have any triggers or conditions to set the string variable...

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