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Here is a feedback by one of our reviewers - 
1.As with other training materials, we feel a printed set would benefit the end users, so they can easily review. - PRINT FEATURE
2. When we went in to dominKnow again, seemed we needed to start over again and not where we left off – just a bit cumbersome. - BOOKMARK FEATURE
Request support on this.

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I have added 6 elements (click to reveal) on a slide. I have added Show functionility on it i.e., if a user clicks 1 element the associated text comes up. However, I want that when the user clicks 2nd element, then the 1st text should not disappear. Also, on clicking one particular box (in a random order) only the text associated with it should come up.

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I have added 5 elements on a slide and want that the end user clicks all the elements before he can proceed to the next slide and I have disabled the next button till then. I have added this functionality on 4 consecutive slides however, this is working properly on slide 1 but as I move to the next slide this is not working properly. Even thhough I have disabled the next button on all of them (until they click on on all elements). Request support.

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Can I add 2 actions one element? For example, I have a box (element) and I have one action on it which makes it branch to another page and I want to add another action on it - which will display the Next button on screen? Can I do this?

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