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Steps to add an Audio Narration file to a Page.

This automatically sets the audio file as Narration, in Autoplay mode and with Full Controls.

For Claro projects, it also switches the Timeline below the Stage to synchronize to the audio narration file rather than the default page timing.

You can have mulitple audio files on a Page but only one can be set as Narration.

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The components on the Engage tab allow you to add several different layouts to any tab or component.

These default layouts offer up to three columns, since these are the most typically-required types of layouts.

Need more columns? You can customize the sizing of the elements in a layout to allow more elements in the same horizontal row.

An important concept to understand is that responsive design measures width in 12ths.

Something full-width is 12/12ths wide, something half-width is 6/12...

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Do you want to fish in Ontario? Take a look at this handy guide to give you the basic information about Fishing Regulations, Equipment, Fish Types, Ways to Fish, and Tips when fishing.

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