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Hello there,
I need your insights and advice regarding Test-out option in Claro.
I need to test “test-out” as a strategy. I need to provide learners with a test. If they achieved the passing score, they are done. If they failed to pass the test they will be transferred to the course module followed by the test again.
How to do so using Claro?

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When I upload a screenshot and insert it into a project, it always ends up very blurry. I don't see this happening at all with any other image files I upload. Screenshots appear sharp and clear when their image files are opened on my computer, they just look blurry in dominKnow for some reason. This doesn't happen with other images, only screenshots. Does anyone have tips for getting sharp and clear screenshots in dominKnow?

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Does anyone have any suggestions to help with fixing the zooming in on the simulation in Capture? Why is there not an option to add a hotspot to the last step in a scene? Whenever I draw a box or a circle around an object in a step in never shows up when I publish the scene into Flow. Please help!

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