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I'm using an action on a button to branch but I need to disable the NEXT on the page with the button. Is there somewhere where I can get videos, how to's on a more granular level?

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I've read the guide it says to right click another place it says double click neither works in dominknow. At the bottom of the screen I see Accessibility tab with Alt Text and a fill in but can't find a way to made the grayed out Edit Asset button work.

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We have set our end of WBT assessment so that a learner has get 100% to pass out the module. They can retake the assessment as many times as needed to get 100%. Each time they take the assessment they a get a new randomized set of 5 questions from a ppol of 15 questions. Once they get 100% the data captured is the # of attempts taken to get 100%. Leaners also have access to the WBT after getting 100% so they can go in and review the content at any point-in-time in the future. 
However, when t...

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I set up a page where a draggable object can be dropped into 4 different targets. Each target is associated with a different page, and I would like for the draggable object to trigger branching to page 1 when dropped into target 1, to page 2 when dropped into target 2, etc. 
However, when I choose the trigger "When a draggable is dropped on this target," there is no option to choose the function "Branch out to xy page," but rather only to "go to the next page" or "go to the previous pa...

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How do people who cannot move their arms use your website? What about people who cannot see well or at all? Or people who have difficulty hearing or understanding, or have other disabilities?

This resource introduces how people with disabilities, including people with age-related impairments, use the Web. It describes tools and approaches that people with different kinds of disabilities use to browse the Web and the barriers they encounter due to poor design. It helps developers, designers, ...

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