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I asked this question somewhere else but I think it was in the wrong place.
Is there a way to reorder steps when you are editing a capture? It doesn't always come out perfectly the first time and I need to redo some scenes but now I can't figure how to move them to the correct order. 

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I would expect the scroll position to reset to the top of each page when a new page is loaded (back/next/menu navigation). Instead, if I use a button at the bottom of the page to get to the next page, it loads at the bottom of this second page.
The browser mobile preview does not display this behavior. I believe it's not intended.
How can I avoid this?
iPhone 8 iOS 12.2 
Katy O'Keefe

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A Baseline is a great way to speed up the development of new projects, especially if you have many projects that all share a standard structure.

For example, all your eLearning courses will have an Introduction with the same three pages, and each lesson has essentially the same structure, etc.

A Baseline is a project that your authors can quickly duplicate to start a new project, and they're available on the Create New Project panel.

You can set any project to be a Baseline. That could be ...

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This is the article where Ethan Marcotte first set out the core ideas behind Responsive Web Design. It's worth a read to understand the origins of the design model that has come to power pretty much the entire Internet since 2010.

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