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I am trying to have a link open in a separate browser window but not in a modal. Is that possible? and if so, how do you do it? 

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Hello, If I am using a custom "Read and Acknowledge" xAPI statement for my completion in Flow, how do I prevent the default Touch all Pages completion from firing? I added a blank page to the end of the project and turned off navigation on the page with the acknowledge button, but the user could still navigate to the blank page using the outline if they wanted to. Is there a way for me to block that last page from displaying in the outline? It wodul also be acceptable to have a whole learning...

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I have a carousel on my page, and I want to autoplay separate audio when a person navigates to each page in the carousel.  In theory, this should be easy to do with an action as I have already added the audio to each carousel page.  However, I am struggling to find what action is triggered when moving between cards in the carousel.  I have tried multiple and nothing seems to work.  Does anyone know?

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Hi Guys,
I am making a course on Claro, and my plan is to put all the course contents on the main page as a menu organized on block sections, and then when the user clicks on the first part, will be sent to another page where he can watch a training video, then come back, click on the second.... etc.
I am using rows to write the topic for each part, and the user will click on those to go to the video pages.
So I am trying to put all the part´s rows together by using the "Apply Margins" functi...

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I am trying to set up the Match Cards and am having some trouble.  I put the question in, but it shows on both cards.  How do you set these up so the question is on one card and the answer is on another?

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Hi guys,
I am creating a solution for our students to get a space to write and reflect on what they have learnt. Not that anyone will check it, it is just to allow this reflection.
But I can see only the Exercise part where you get a summit buttom. Is there any other wat that you know about on how to get this kind of result? Can I delete / dissable somehow the Summnit buttom?
Thank you guys

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Would someone be able to provide steps to delete a resource in a current file and replace in the course with a customized one? I have uploaded the new document but not sure how to replace within my course. 

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I am having trouble getting font style (specifically bolding) to show up consistently between operating systems. On Windows, the bolded font displays correctly. On Mac, however, the bolding is missing. The font is also switching to from Verdana to Times New Roman and another undefined font on Mac when I’ve selected “Theme Base Font”. I’m using Chrome for both operating systems. 

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I want flow to send data to a sharepoint list, my idea was to have the course loaded into sharepoint, and have a widget that dealt with list interactions such as read write etc.
But I need to call functions in this widget to do this.
I addtion I have noticed a couple of API calls involving events, but I can't find any documentation on this, so I'm not sure if these would apply to trigger a function call.

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We have created a course with two modules. When the learner clicks the button to jump to the second branch, the system adds checkmarks to the pages in the other learning object to indicate the learner doesn't need to review it. However, when the learner clicks the button to jump to the first branch, the system doesn't do this. I'm assuming the Story View theme is set up to only add checkmarks to content prior to the location of the Jump To.
If this is the case, how do we hide the content in t...

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I have a course that has a checkmark toggle. When the box is checked, it enables the Next button. In Chrome and Internet Explorer, the checkmark shows when the checkbox is clicked on and the Next button enables. In Edge, the checkmark does not show when the checkbox is checked but the Next button enables. Is there something I need to do so that the checkmark will show?

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