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I have a test where learners will need to indicate if they Always, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, or Never do an action.  I want to give different weights to the different answers. 
For example, for question 1:
Always=10pts, Often=8pts, Sometimes=5pts, Rarely=2pts and Never=0pts
For statement/question 2 it may be something like this:
Always=0pts, Often=2pts, Sometimes=5pts, Rarely=8pts and Never=10pts

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How do I get a page to remain in the completed state (i.e. inline question answered, tab viewed action complete, audio played) if I navigate back to it for a second time.
I have an inline question in a module that I would like to remain complete if a learner navigates back to that page after having completed the question correctly. I also have narration that plays that I would like to not play if navigated back. Is this possible?

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We are trying to analyze how many of our assets are being reused. We can click on an individual item and see usage but we'd like to see a report or be able to download all the asset data from the media library so we can assess the usage data. Is this currently possible in dominKnow One?

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Can we have responsive tables in Flow, where the table will automatically adjust for all screens? [With no scroll bar]

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I asked this question somewhere else but I think it was in the wrong place.
Is there a way to reorder steps when you are editing a capture? It doesn't always come out perfectly the first time and I need to redo some scenes but now I can't figure how to move them to the correct order. 

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I would expect the scroll position to reset to the top of each page when a new page is loaded (back/next/menu navigation). Instead, if I use a button at the bottom of the page to get to the next page, it loads at the bottom of this second page.
The browser mobile preview does not display this behavior. I believe it's not intended.
How can I avoid this?
iPhone 8 iOS 12.2 
Katy O'Keefe

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In the case of software capture, is it possible to export the individual screenshots for use in a PPT presentation?

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I referred to the below link and did exactly as described. We can see the timeline enabled at bottom in the tutorial whereas in our project it is not enabled. What could be be the reason?

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