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In order for our LMS to show the score in the training details when creating a new course or publication in which a score is calculated, in order for the system to calculate and display a score on the Training Details page, both the maximum score and the user score must be set. If the Score field does not appear on the Training Details page, then the maximum score is not defined (greater than zero) in the SCORM wrapper (max_score). 
I have set the passing mark to 80% in the Properties, and in...

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When I change the title text to white using the editor for all device sizes, why does it keep changing to grey for Mobile only? How can I fix this?

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Hello. On the Results page of an Assessment (where it tells you if you passed or failed), how do I suppress View Content Again?
Where do I go if I want to edit this page?

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Has anyone had users report cc text not working on an Android phone? It works just fine on an iPhone.
If so, other than having a transcript available, how did you resolve the issue?
Thanks in advance

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Hello. I have a course that needs to be translated. This is being done by an outside vendor who has their own license of dominKnow. When I try to add them as an author/translator I get the message "no seats available." What do I need to do to give them access to this particular course so they can add the translation?
Thanks in advance

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I have a video in my Flow course that has an uploaded .vtt file for closed captioning. It works great on a desktop, but there's no cc text option on a phone....just the transcript. Is there a setting to allow the cc text on a phone? 

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I have a vendor working on translations of a course. What are the steps to work with the code (Send a copy to a dominKnow | One export option) so I can make sure that they're doing it correctly. I couldn't find any information on this so if there's an article, please  direct me.
Thanks in advance.

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Having trouble setting up variables to do this:
Image A when clicked shows a pop-up with text (variable show pop-up)-this part I understand. But not this: When the text banner is closed, Image B REPLACES/OVERLAYS image A. How do I do that?

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Hi. I need to "force" completion of interactive elements on pages where they exist and I'm not sure how to show that an interaction  (like a series of hotspots) has been fully interacted with and remains incomplete and prevent learners from advancing to the next page until that interaction is completed. I noticed that just accessing a page allows you to advance to the next---you don't actually have to interact with the elements/complete them to move on. I see that I can add a trigger to set u...

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Where do I disable/suppress the end page that says you have reached the end of the course and allows you to exit? Alternatively where/how do I edit it? 

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When I'm creating/editing a multiple choice question (knowledge check), is there a way to change the Text that says Multiple choice on screen? I've edited it in properties to say Question 1 of 6, but it always shows up as Multiple Choice on the stage.

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Is it possible to add additional icons to the library? If not, what are the dimensions of the icons so I can add it as an image?

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What player/theme supports right to left languages (Arabic)?

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