Adding drag and drop elements to Categorization question

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Posted   3 years ago

How do I add new drag elements and drop targets to a Categorization question? Do I just add new shapes to the page and then identify those as drop targets? If so, is there any way to rename the added shapes to make them easier to identify? Or am I missing something and going in the wrong direction entirely?


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Posted   3 years ago
  ●   Edited   3 years ago

OK, I think I mostly figured it out. My brain was ignoring the "Match" option under the "Add" dropdown, which allows shapes that have been added to the page to be used as part of the interactive. 

Aaaand to edit the name of an object on the slide, you just have to select the item on the page, then double-click its name in the object's breadcrumb at the top of the editor window. I'm on fire today!


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3 years ago     Chris Van Wingerden     1357   |   7  

LOL, keep on rocking it, Ethan!