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Posted   19 days ago


I'm trying to create a narrow button (height-wise) but the button seems to stop with a minimum height of about 35 pixels. Despite changing the height to less than that, the button itself doesn't get any shorter (althought the red bounding box does). I can see under options there are  padding/size options and in the theme settings, it shows a range of different sized buttons, however these padding/size options are disabled and i cant see any way of reducing the padding or overall height any further.

I'm new to DominKnow so i could be missing something obvious but any help would be greatly appreciated.





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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   12 days ago

We've sent this in to our Support team as a bug ticket.

As you've noted, in Claro currently the five settings under Padding/Size on the Options tab can't be changed from the middle setting. In Flow, these settings do work as expected.

And in Claro, you can use the H field above the Stage to set a height value but the button itself won't become shorter than the 35px of that middle Padding/Size setting. (The H and W fields are not available for a button element when working on a Flow page.)


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