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Posted   4 years ago

Hi guys,

I am creating a solution for our students to get a space to write and reflect on what they have learnt. Not that anyone will check it, it is just to allow this reflection.

But I can see only the Exercise part where you get a summit buttom. Is there any other wat that you know about on how to get this kind of result? Can I delete / dissable somehow the Summnit buttom?


Thank you guys



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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   4 years ago

Hi Andres -

So, as you've found, we have Questions for text entry, and yup they have a Submit button. (By the way, if you use one of those questions in an assessment, the text that the learner types in is sent as SCORM data to the LMS, where typically an instructor would review or evaluate it. Because of this, these questions are not included as part of the score for an assessment since the course package isn't able to check for correct or incorrect.)

You can set up a simpler typing activity, though using a Text-entry box, available on the Insert tab under the Inputs button. There are two options there, a Basic Input Box which is just a box for typing into and the Text Input, which includes a Label feature where you can add instructions or other text to help the learner.  

The learner can just type staright into those boxes, and there's no Submit button. 

By default, the text input boxes just display what the learner types, but they don't store the info. If you want to do that, you can set up a variable to store what has been typed. And if you want, you can display the value of that variable in other places in the project/course. That could be the same page, or it could be a different page altogether. Some clients have used this strategy to have their learners type in thoughts, etc. throughout a course and then have a summary page that displays all of that typed-in information at the end of the course as a summary, for example.

Here's an article in the Community that explains the basics of this: http://dki.io/1c9537cd

One thing to note: When you get to the last step in the first set of instructions (Setting up a Form Control so the learner can type), you'll need to use the drop down on the Variables panel to create a new variable for your Text Input box. We used to automatically create a variable, but that's been changed to allow authors to create and name the variable anything they want (a meaningful name) rather than a default name.   

Hope this helps!


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4 years ago     Andres     20   |   1  

Yeap, It is great info.