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Posted   29 days ago


Is there any way I can create a backup or download a physical copy of the course I've made in Dominknow, and then re-upload it if I need to edit it in the future? 




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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   28 days ago

There is an export/import option available, but it may not be needed, depending on the reason you're looking to do this.

If you're worried about accidental edits/just keeping it safe, you can set the Project's status to Offline/Retired on the Project Properties panel. (Open the Project and select Edit Properties in the second column of the Insights panel to open the Project Properties.) 

With this status, the Project will no longer show up in the Browse Projects panel. An Administrator would have to go to the Application Menu >> Organization >> Manage Projects, and then on that panel they'd have to change the Status drop down to Offline/Retired to be able to fimnd and open the Project. When it comes time to edit it again the Status can be changed back to Active.

You could also Duplicate the Project and set the duplicate to Offline/retired, if you want a "safe" backup copy.

If you really need to save a copy offline, you can contact our support team for help. And you'll need their help to re-import it later. But because it isn't typically needed (because the Offline/Retired status is usually what authors use) it isn't an author-available feature.

Hope this helps!


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