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Posted   2 years ago

Is it possible to edit clicks of a software demo recording once complete? 



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Posted   2 years ago
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Depending on what you're looking to edit, here are a couple of resources here in the community site that cover editing lessons made using our Capture feature for software lessons:

Editing a Capture File

This article outlines the basics of editing a Capture file, once you've finished recording the steps for the lesson.  When you're editing you can delete steps that you don't need or insert new steps, in case you missed a step, etc. Plus lots more.

Editing the learner action for a single Step in a Capture file

This article outlines how you can edit the action for a specific step, for example to change a mouse click to a key combination, and more.

The Capture Collection

This collection has additional articles about working with Capture.

Hope this helps - but reply here if there's something more you need.


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2 years ago     rdunn     0   |   1  

So I was looking to add, or remove clicks in a software demo. Is this possible after its been completed?

2 years ago     Chris Van Wingerden     1347   |   7  

For sure. Each time you click, Capture records that as a step in the task/lesson. You can delete steps completely or change a click to a different action for the step. You can also add more Steps. (Look under the Step menu in the top of the Capture editing interface for these options.) The links above have this info as well.