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Posted   16 days ago

I have an assessment that I created in another platform that I want to embed in dominKNow instead of re-creating the entire assessment. I know that I can link to it, but I want the learner to engage with my dominKnow content and take the assessment from another platform on the same page in dominKnow.  Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?



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Posted   13 days ago

If you have a URL for the external assessment, you could place it on a page in a dominKnow | ONE project.

With the Ribbon toggled on, go to the Insert tab and select Video >> From URL. This will set up an iframe on the page that can display the target URL.

Keep in mind that the learner's identity won't be passed to the assessment being displayed in the iframe, so if that URL has a login they'll still have to do that. Also, the dominKnow | ONE course content won't be able to know/access any details about the assessment, such as a passing score or even if the learner completed it.

For better data and reporting consitency, it's probably better to set the two items up as a curriculum in your LMS where the learner takes the dominKnow | ONE course first then takes the test as a second item/activity in the LMS. 


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Thank you Chris!

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Posted   2 hours ago


This isn't an answer, but I'm having a similar issue. 

There's a PDF I want to link to, but we don't have the rights to it. Short of just creating a URL link to it, is there any way I can embed it in an iFrame for the learner to see it, in the course? 

I've tried going to video- From URL, but I get an error page everytime. This is the URL: https://www.aihw.gov.au/getmedia/f4c958c3-98e9-46dd-8176-5da15cc2141e/prisoner_facts_infographic.pdf.aspx 

Any help would be awesome! 




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