How do you change the color of the correct answer pop up?

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Posted   4 months ago

I am working on an assement and i am wondering how do you change the color of the banners that pop up showing if your correct or no?



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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   3 months ago

The colors for the default feedback panels are set and not changeable.

You could create your own feedback panels, though, using the Pop Up feature, which would give you color choice control based on the Theme colors.

To show a pop up panel for a correct response:

  1. On the Interact tab, select Triggers.
  2. In the Current Question section of the list, select Is Correct
  3. On the Hides and Shows options, select Show Pop Up
  4. Select Next
  5. On the panel that opens to the right side of the Stage, set up the pop up panel including choosing a Theme color from the Style: drop down list, then select Apply.

Then repeat the process for Is Incorrect as the trigger.

Don't add any content/text to the default feedback panel options, or the learner will see both the default panel and your new custom pop up panel.  (Questions are set up to only show the default feedback panels if they have content/text in them, to prevent showing empty feedback.) 


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