How do yow prevent an inline question from submitting when the learner doesn't select an answer?

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Posted   14 days ago

I am using inline questions in my module (in Flow). Learners get one chance to answer the question. However, if they hit submit without having selected an answer, they are not able to go back and select an answer. Is there a way to prevent the inline question from submitting when the learner does not select an answer?


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   13 days ago

There isn't an option to prevent a learner submitting without making a selection in an inline question.

But you can set the number of retries for an inline question:

  • Select the question element on the page
  • Select the Options tab
  • In the Settings section of that tab, there is a form field for "# of attempts"

If you increase the # of attempts to 3, if they submit wrong (including not making a selection) on the first two attempts, the Submit button changes to Try Again, which they need to select to reset the question for the next attempt. 

Hope this helps!


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