How to best get out of a "try me"

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Posted   14 days ago


I'm wondering about a best way to end a "try me" simulation interaction. currently the last slide is an end and appears to pause , with text included there flashing for a few seconds and then disappearing. I'd like to have some kind of success messaging and accurately direct the user to either replay the simulation or navigate out of it and into other content within the LMS.

Thanks for any advice!



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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   13 days ago

Hi Josh -

You can use the Completion of the Try Me to trigger other events on the page that could provide other instructions or information to the learner. An example might be to show a Pop Up with information, etc.

To do that, select the Capture on the Stage then select the Interact Tab.

Select Triggers, then in the top part of the list (Selected Element) select Is Complete.

This will open the Triggers panel, where you can select Show Pop Up.

Select Next then use the right-side panel to add in the details etc. that you want on the Pop up.Here's a simple example of this in action: https://dki.io/1f37c3e4

Here's a tip - in my playing with this I found it a bit abrupt to see the pop up right away at the end, it's hard to read the info on the Try Me. So try setting the Timer for the Pop Up (on the right-side panel where you add text, etc.) to 2.0 or 3.0, which will delay the Pop Up by 2 or 3 seconds (respectively) after the Try Me is completed.

And of course, you could use the completion of the Try Me to trigger any of the other available actions, this is just one possible example. 

Hope this helps!


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avatar ja   |    
Posted   10 days ago

Many thanks Chris that's very helpful and exactly what I was looking for! I tried it as described and all worked perfectly, thanks again.


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