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I am trying to create a button/trigger to create a post review for users to view their test results after submission.
How do I do this? There is a variable on a default end screen but I cannot find it in the variables list.
Any ideas?


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   one year ago

Test review (where the learner can review each test question after completing the test) is one of the settings available in the Publishing Profile. You can turn it on/off as well as set some controls such as only allow the learner to review if they passed the test. 

When you turn that setting on, the default end screen shown after the learner takes a test will automatically show a button to allow the learner to Review the test.

So if you're using the default end screens but don't see the Review button after the learner takes the test then it's likely the Test Review setting isn't enabled in the Publishing Profile.

Here are more details on the Publishing Profile settings in our User Guide >> Publishing Profile Options



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one year ago     admin     15   |   2  

Chris - to follow up on this question - what if I'm using a custom end screen following the exam? I'd still like to include the "review exam" functionality when it is allowed within the publishing profile options - I can add the button and found the appropriate variable label for the button, however, the button doesn't go anywhere because I can't figure out what action to give the button. Thanks for any help you can provide.

one year ago     Chris Van Wingerden     1357   |   7  

You can set a Player Control action:
- Select the button element
- Select the purple Lightning bolt (Actions) icon.
- Select More.
- On the left side of the panel, select Player Controls.
- Select See More and select Next.
- On the right-side panel that will open, go to the Function drop-down list and select Review the Current Modules Test (it's in the top Navigation section of the list)