Is it possible to call a function in a widget?

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Posted   4 years ago

I want flow to send data to a sharepoint list, my idea was to have the course loaded into sharepoint, and have a widget that dealt with list interactions such as read write etc.

But I need to call functions in this widget to do this.

I addtion I have noticed a couple of API calls involving events, but I can't find any documentation on this, so I'm not sure if these would apply to trigger a function call.


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4 years ago     Brent Schlenker     130   |   5  

Hi David, were you able to make this happen using Paul's information?

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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   4 years ago

You could create an HTML widget and call whatever functions outside the course you like.  As you would want to get variables from the dominKnow course, you would first need to set the variable in dominKnow using the various variable actions and triggers.  Once the variable is created/set, then you can use the ContentAPI to get (or set) the value of that variable and then pass it onto another system or get a value from another system and set it.

In the knowledge base:


Here you will find info about the content API as well as a sample that sets/gets variables. I believe this will help.  Once you get things going please reply to this thread with details of your success so others can benefit!  





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