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Posted   17 days ago

Hi Guys,

I am making a course on Claro, and my plan is to put all the course contents on the main page as a menu organized on block sections, and then when the user clicks on the first part, will be sent to another page where he can watch a training video, then come back, click on the second.... etc.

I am using rows to write the topic for each part, and the user will click on those to go to the video pages.

So I am trying to put all the part´s rows together by using the "Apply Margins" function, but when I go check the Preview, they are all moved around, like really messed up. It is sad I cannot attach screenshots to make it clear, sorry.

So my question is, how can I get all the rows to stick together, not showing the screen white backgroud.

Really appreciate your support,



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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   10 days ago
  ●   Edited   8 days ago

Hi Andres -

Thanks for emailing the screen shot.

Basically, you're looking to remove the default margin/padding/spacing between Rows on the page, so that the items you are adding are "touching" each other with no space in between.

Here's how to control that.

For the vertical spacing between different Rows, select the Element on the page, select the Group in the breadcrumb then select the Spacing option/drop down in the upper right corner above the stage. On that drop down, de-select the breakpoint icons so they are empty. (They are blue by default, showing that the default vertical padding is being applied). 

If you select the Row in the breadcrumb instead of the Group, the Spacing option there applies to the horizontal spacing between groups within that Row. 


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