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Posted   2 months ago

How do I get a page to remain in the completed state (i.e. inline question answered, tab viewed action complete, audio played) if I navigate back to it for a second time.

I have an inline question in a module that I would like to remain complete if a learner navigates back to that page after having completed the question correctly. I also have narration that plays that I would like to not play if navigated back. Is this possible?


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Posted   2 months ago
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The content pages don't store/remember what has been completed on them on at item/action/interaction level. SCORM, obviously, tracks that a page was completed but the status of inline question components for example isn't tracked/stored automatically.

In part this is due to the fact that the course/Project doesn't keep all pages in memory. It only keeps the current page plus one previous page as well as pre-loading one Next page into memory. So if the learner completes something on page 5 then goes forward to page 9, if they return to page 5 it gets re-loaded over again.   

You could do a couple of things to help learners with this, though. Variables are stored for the course, so they persist during the whole session and can even be passed as part of the SCORM data to cross from one session to the next. So once the learner completes a page you could set a variable to reflect that and use that to tell the page to behave differently in some regards. (EDIT: I removed "narration not play on a second visit." from the original response. If the audio file is Set as Narration, there isn't a way to have the page not play it as narration.)

And although you can't store the selections of an inline question and re-load them into the question when the page re-loads, you could set a variable when the question was completed then, on return to that page hide the question and show a different item as a note saying "You've already completed this question correclty" and this could even include the correct responses as part of the messaging. 

EDIT:  Re the followup comment "Is there a resource that could help me with the coding? I understand the logic but am not familiar with programming the variables or any scripts to make this happen."

Here's a link to the article outlining the basics of variables in dominKnow | ONE. It's the best place to start.

And good news, there isn't any programming for using variables, it's all done using our forms where you just make selections, etc.

You can associate an inline question with a variable to record the score. Select the question on the page, select the Options tab, then select the Variable button. On the panel that opens, create a new variable (give it a unique name that makes sense). When the learner submits a response to the question, the score they achieve will be saved as that variable.

You could then have the page evaluate that variable when it loads and use it to trigger different behaviours, for instance, hiding the question and instead displaying a message that the learner has already completed this question and scored ___ on it. To do this, select the Interact tab, select Triggers then select Variables Is Changed. On the panel that opened, select the variable and choose what value to evaluate it for. Then you can complete that process to have it do actions like hide the question and show the message text instead (each of these would be a separate action to set up with this process). 





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2 months ago     aandersonsf1     2   |   1  

Is there a resource that could help me with the coding? I undestand the logic but am not familiar with programming the variables or any scripts to make this happen.

1 months ago     aandersonsf1     2   |   1  

That worked. Thank you so much for your help. I was able to use boolean a little differently than you explained but still achieved the same result.

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