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Posted   2 years ago

Here is a feedback by one of our reviewers - 

1.As with other training materials, we feel a printed set would benefit the end users, so they can easily review. - PRINT FEATURE

2. When we went in to dominKnow again, seemed we needed to start over again and not where we left off – just a bit cumbersome. - BOOKMARK FEATURE

Request support on this.


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   2 years ago


Document publishing is available under the Share button in the upper right corner of the interface. For client teams at our Business level and up there are a range of document publishing options. You can choose to publish a screen-shot based document (you need to Commit all pages for this, see this article here >> Working with the Commit Process and Page Versions) or you can choose to publish as an Instructor Guide, a Student Guide or a custom publish depending on what content and information you wish to include in the published document. 

For full details on document publishing, check out the Publish to a Word Document section of the Publishing a Project page in our Flow User Guide (same information applies to Claro projects).

(Looks like the document publishing features weren't turned on for the site you are working in. We've asked our team to enable them. Once that's completed you may need to log out and clear your cache to see them.)


For reviewing content, there isn't any bookmarking between a reviewer's sessions as the Full Project Preview they are reviewing is not a SCORM package. You can communicate with your reviewers that they can track what page they reached before closing a session and can then use the Menu to return to that page when starting their next review session (if your project is using a menu and the Forced Sequential setting is not turned on in the Publishing Profile).


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