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Posted   10 months ago


I have a client who wants to upload a flow project to Sharepoint. I'm not 100% on the technical side of this, so I've a few questions: 

1. Is this possible? 

2. Can they have it so their users progress is recorded? 

3. What type of publishing profile or output is required from Dominknow to make it work? 



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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   10 months ago


In most cases you can not load it into Sharepoint as sharepoint doesn't allow you to load an entire web package unzipped. (It wants to have single files).  Sharepoint also doesn't have any native method for tracking and storing progress with eLearning.

FYI (these two issues are going to be the same no matter what authoring solution you had used.)

You can use the dominKnow | ONE "Share Public Web" and that will create a link that anyone can access and you can put that link into sharepoint. Do note that it won't track.

In order to track you need a system that supports, AICC, SCORM, or xAPI (or a technical team that can write scripts to store and retrieve data via our contentAPI).


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10 months ago     Luke Hickey     270   |   4  

Or CMI5. you can export a web package and host it on a website if you don’t want to use the share option. An LRS can be the easiest and cheapest way to track. Depending on team size there are many LMS options too, https://findanlms.com is a great resource.