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Posted   7 months ago


I'm currently trying to create a show and hide interactive, but I want to make it, so on load it's hidden, but then once you click a button it shows, and stays visibile forever. Currently when I use the show/hide actions, then I navigate back to the page, the element hides again. 

To get around this I've been using variables, set to true, and then the element shows when the variable is true. This seems to hold even when going back to the page, but it's a ime consuming process. Having to create a variable, then create a trigger for the variable. Is there a simple or quicker way to do this? 



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Posted   6 months ago

Like most elearning tools that I know of, in dominKnow | ONE returning to a page after previously visiting it does restart the page over.

If you need to do this, then using variables as you have been is the way to handle it.


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6 months ago     stephen     43   |   4  

Ah, thought so. Thanks Chris.