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Posted   5 years ago

Hello there,

I need your insights and advice regarding Test-out option in Claro.


I need to test “test-out” as a strategy. I need to provide learners with a test. If they achieved the passing score, they are done. If they failed to pass the test they will be transferred to the course module followed by the test again.


How to do so using Claro?


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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   5 years ago
  ●   Edited   5 years ago

Hi Sayede, thanks for the question.

To do this, create a Publishing Profile that includes these settings:

  • Turn on Pre-testing. You can choose to have it as optional or as Forced.
  • Turn on Post-testing, with what ever additional settings you want such as re-tries, etc.
  • Turn on the option, Skip Content if Passed. This means that if the learner passes the pre-test, they will be marked complete for the learning content of the course and therefore marked complete over all. If they don't pass the pre-test, they will have to complete the learning content before being able to take the post-test.

To access the Publishing Profile editor, you can select the Publishing option then select the three-dot "..." button beside the Publishing Profile drop-down list. Just create a new Publishing Profile, then select that new profile when you publish for the LMS.

NOTE: Pre-testing and post-testing use the same assessment questions, you don't have to create separate test questions for them. 

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need any other details.  



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