Turning off review notifications/emails for comments

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Posted   29 days ago


We are using the review feature in Dominknow but we've come up to a slight issue.

When one of our reviewers leaves a comment on the page or element, and then somone else comments on that comment, they get sent an email notification. We have projects where people may leave a lot of comments, so this constant notification and email is becoming a problem for our reviewers. 

Is there any way we can turn off comment reply notifications for a project, or selectivley turn off notifications for specific reviewers? 

I've tried un checking the 'Send Notification' check box, next to the 'Review' toggle button, but that dosn't seem to work, or it just re-checks itself after I refresh the browser. 

Any idea???





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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   27 days ago

Hi Stephen, we've sent this over to our support team for follow up. It would be helpful if you can get examples of the emails being received to share with them to help investigate.


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