if you make it so one has to complete all actionable items on page to move forward and once they do and click the next arrow is there a way to make it so if they go back to the previous page they don't have to view all the content again?

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Posted   3 years ago


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Posted   3 years ago

Currently, you can use the same Current Page is Complete trigger to also set a variable. So, if the page is complete, variable PageX = True.

Then add an action to evaluate that variable when the page loads (Interact tab >> Triggers >> When Variable is Changed) and enable the Next button if the value  = True.

In our next feature relase this becomes even easier. We've added a Publishing Profile option that takes care of this - you'll just need to check the box to turn the option on. 



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i have never written a variable like this, how one would write it?

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Posted   3 years ago

For setting the variable when the page content is complete, the steps are similar to this:


except that you are using the Page is Complete trigger (Interact tab >>  Triggers >> Curent page is Complete >> rest of steps) to set the variable, rather than a button.

To evaluate the variable when the page loads:

  1. Select the Interact tab
  2. Select Triggers
  3. Select Variable is Changed
  4. Select your custom variable from the drop down
  5. Select True
  6. Select Next
  7. Select Player Controls from the left-side menu
  8. Select Enable Next Button
  9. Select Next
  10. Complete the process by selecting Apply on the left-side panel that opens 

We've curated a Collection of articles on Variables here that will help you learn more about Variables. Although we can't be exhaustive since the use of variables can cover a potentially limitless set of needs/designs there are several example lessons to provide the basics, and from there you should be able to adapt and apply to solve other cases.




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