Janet Clarey joined us for a conversation that is sure to impact your focus as we start 2022. We chatted about HR Trends that have an impact on Instructional Designers and got some highlights from McClean & Company's 2022 HR Trends Report.



Many Instructional Designers work within Human Resource departments.  So, it would makes sense to learn as much as possible about the things that are important to HR leaders.  Learning and Development has been a hot topic for HR departments for many years.  However, in a post pandemic world suffering from "the great resignation" it is more important than ever.

Janet Clarey, from McClean & Company has released their 2022 HR Trends Report.  As a researcher familiar with the challenges of Learning and Development she is uniquely positioned to help us understand how these trends will impact instructional designers.

In preparation for this episode you can get the highlights of the report here: https://hr.mcleanco.com/research/ss/2022-hr-trends-report?utm_campaign=hrtrends&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_content=webpage-image&utm_term=employeeadvocacy

And while all of the "Critical Insights" have some sort of Learning and Development component the most telling is this one:

"With tight labor markets a reality for many, hiring for aptitude and training for skills may well be the path forward for learning and development in an age of change."

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