Sravani Tammiraju joins to share how she successfully transitioned a highly interactive 5-day face-to-face onboarding program and redesigned it as a 100% virtual online experience. She'll share the project constraints, challenges, and roadblocks, and explore the solutions her team put in place.



I think it's safe to say that over the last 18 months the #1 concern for training professionals has been moving live face-to-face classroom courses to online virtual classrooms. Many of us are still redesigning those courses, improving and adapting them to the new world of work. DEI initiatives are at an all time high with L&D departments challenged to re-train employee populations. And with disruption comes opportunities like moving into management roles.

In this episode, we'll talk with Sravani Tammiraju, Product Manager at VISA.  She's worn many hats over the last few years and one of those hats was in Learning & Development.  We'll also ask Sravani about how she went from being a software engineer to a L&D professional with an MBA, and then into Product Management.  And with so many initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we'll ask about her experiences producing a DEI conference and get her feedback on how L&D can have an impact.

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