The Comments feature helps authors track Comments completion

When you are authoring, there are several cues to help you know that Comments have been added to a page.


On the Project Outline, an orange circle is shown on any pages with comments, in both Cards View and List View.


Above the stage, the Comments section shows the number of Comments added for the page you are currently working on.


Accessing the Comments

To access the Comments added to a Page, you can select the Show Comments option on the Comments section above the Stage.


On the panel to the left of the Stage you can also select:

  1. The Page tab
  2. The Comments sub-tab


Resolving Comments

On the panel for a submitted comment there are a few features for Authors.

Show Element will show you the element on the page - very helpful if there are many comments added on the page. In Flow pages, the page on the Stage will scroll so the element is in view.

Authors can also add a Comment to the Comment.

If the issue the Comment raises has been addressed, the Author can select Resolve This Comment.


The Resolution Details panel will open.

You can change the Status from Incomplete to one of the other available statuses, such as Complete.

You can set a Priority level for cases where the Comment still needs to be addressed, and a Type. The Type can be filtered so, for example, a graphic designer can find all the notes they need to address.

You can also add a comment about the resolution, if context is needed about why an issue was addressed the way it was.

After making changes, select Update.

On the Comments sub-tab, the note will no longer be there. This is because the sub-tab only shows Incomplete notes. It serves as a “to-do” list for items you need to resolve on the page. Once the status is changed, the notes are no longer shown on the sub-tab.


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