Speed up development time by using Baseline Projects as your own template library

Baseline Projects allow you to create your own templates in dominKnow | ONE. 

They can be used to help your authors work more quickly in several ways.

Check out this article for an overview of how you can use Baselines plus some tips for creating and managing them:

>> Working with Baseline Projects

One of the ways you can use a Baseline Project is as a template library for your own custom Pages and Learning Objects, making it easy to add them to any Project as you work.

Here’s how to do this.

On the Home tab you can:

  1. Select Page
  2. Select the From a Baseline filter


  1. Select Copy
  2. Select Copy From a Baseline


The Copy From a Baseline Panel will open.

Select the Baseline Project you wish to copy form.


The panel will show the Project structure from the Baseline.

You can select any page to preview it. Selecting Insert will add that page to your current Project.


You can also select and insert a Learning Object from the Baseline Project.

For example, you might have a LOs for certain types of lessons that already have the several standard pages your organization uses for that lesson type.

Adding a copy of the LO adds the LO and all its pages, saving you the time of adding the LO to the project then all the pages separately.

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