Scenario question pages allow you to use Scenarios as either scored Test Questions or as non-scored Practice questions

To add a Scenario Question Page to your project, select one of the Add Question options, then on the Add a Question panel:

  1. Select Scenario 
  2. Select either As Question to add the pages as a scored question or As Practice Question to add the page as a non-scored Practice question.


Like other Question pages, the Scenario Question page has text elements for:

  • Header
  • Instructions
  • Opening

It also has a placeholder for the Scenario. 

Selecting the Scenario opens the Scenario Builder.

You create and set up your Scenario exactly the same way as if you had added a Scenario Element to a page.


Learner Experience

When a learner arrives at a Scenario Question page they complete the scenario to an end point and the Scenario is finished. 

They will then be shown the Submit button. After they Submit the Scenario results, they are shown any feedback as set on the Feedback option of the Question tab. 



Scoring for Scenario Test Questions

Scoring for a Scenario Test Question is based on the score values you set for each of the end points in the Scenario.

For example, if the question has a weight of 10 and the learner reaches an end point with a score of 100 they will receive 10 points for the question. If they reach an end point with a score of 50, they will receive 5 points for the question.

Scoring is affected by the settings for Partial Scoring - if Partial Scoring is off, the learner has to reach an endpoint scored as 100 to receive 10 points. Reaching an end point set for any other score will result in 0 points.  


Scenario Practice Questions

If the Scenario is set as a Practice Question, the Settings options on the Question tab are available:



You can disable the Next and Previous buttons and set the number of attempts, for example.


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